Simple Tips To Fishing Fresh Water

Simple Tips To Fishing Fresh Water

There are some distinct differences between fresh water fishing and deep sea fishing but the premise is the same, to catch fish! So, when your fishing in fresh waters, use these simple tips to get the edge on other anglers who may be a bit more inexperienced. These tips when used can increase your odds of landing bigger fish in fresh water.

When it comes to fishing for bass, you may want to consider fishing by rocks and shallow areas. Bass are commonly found in areas like bridges, rock quarries and places where they can hide. Areas off the beaten path where fallen branches and limbs have come to rest underwater are perfect spots for bass to hang out. Bass both large and small mouth will feed off of worms and minnows and even cut bait like brim. For the lure casters, a small road runner jig works great. On lures, when a bass or crappie hits it will feel like a sudden tug on the line, almost like something is yanking the line away from you.

Commonly this is bass or crappie strike. Using a lure can be exciting because you you are constantly casting and reeling and you never know when that strike will happen! Try a roadrunner jig and see how it goes. You may land a nice 3-4 pound bass. Just be ready when the fish hits!

Use a casting net to catch shad bait for catfish! When fishing for catfish, there are a number of products on the market designed to help you catch that monster. Shad paste can be used on worms or sponges and is best used when soaked overnight. You may also find schools of shad swimming around that are just begging to get caught. The cast net is the perfect way to catch a number of shad in one throw, saving you money on bait. Casting nets can be found at nearly every local fishing and tackle store and some big named retailers. Throwing a cast net is a art form and can take some practice to perfect but in no time you will be able to locate fresh water shad and throw like a pro! Remember, catfish love shad, so if your out for a big catfish, this small bait fish could be your lucky charm.

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