On August 4, 2011: a 81.66lb striped bass was caught just off of Clinton, CT. On South West reef. The FlyingConnie is no stranger to South West reef, in fact it is only 3 mile from our dock. While this fish was not caught on the FlyingConnie, we are extremely excited none the less. Many charter boat captains thought the next world recorded Striped Bass would have been caught in a destination place like Block Island, Montauk, or the Race. Well Greg Myerson (pending record holder) proved Clinton Ct. can be the best place to charter fish in CT.

There are many ways to catch Striped Bass none are wrong, some methods we most commonly use are *live bait and fresh bait fishing, trolling wire line, and diamond jigging. On any given half day fishing charter on the FlyingConnie, youll probably drift live or fresh bait right over the spot this pending trophy was taken. Fishing Bait gives the angler on the charter a better fishing experience. First bait rods are lighter than trolling rods so strike detection is more rapid and exciting The angler has better control over a rod set to bait fish which leads to a better fight on the fish. Second advantage; a Charter fishing bait (bait being a bunker or an eel) it offers a big Striped Bass a common meal not a metal lure.

In Clinton CT. the tide runs very hard being in fresh food and oxygen which helps keeps trophy Striped Bass happy and making Clinton CT. a perfect charter destination. With these hard tides, the FlyingConnie feels its best to drift its bait over South West reef. The fisherman on the charter are provided a custom tied 3way rig which uses a sinker to bring the bait down into the Striped Bass feeding zone. Circle hooks are used to help fisherman set the hook well into just the mouth of a Striped Bass, this increases success in fighting and landing these aggressive, good eating fish. Three anglers hold rods which are set out just off the bottom on a drift. The tide pushes the FlyingConnie over the reef and anglers work the reels to keep the bait close to the bottom. When the boat fully drifted over the reef the bait is reeled up and a coarse is set to re-run the drift over the reef again.

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