What Exactly is a Fishing Charter?

A fishing charter is when the people on the boat are in a group and they pay one nominal fee for the deep sea fishing excursion. These trips are typically not priced on a per person rate unless the group does not make up a chartered amount of people that the fishing charter requires. Typically, it’s only the group of people you signed up with on the boat. Basically, you’re renting the boat, the captain, the gear, etc.

The exact definition of charter fishing means; “fishing from a vessel carrying a passenger or passengers for hire that are engaged in recreational fishing” Charter (adjective) that can be leased or hired for exclusive or private use: a charter boat for deep-sea fishing.

Fishing Charter Boat

Do Fishing Charters Require a License?

The simple answer to this is, yes. All legal fishing charter operations do require a license to do business (in most states), if they are charging people money to take them in off shore waters to go deep sea fishing. If you are unsure if the fishing charter you hired is not licensed, you should challenge them and request to see their license to take people charter fishing.

Deep Sea FishingTypes of Fishing a Fishing Charter Provide?

There are many different types of sport fishing and fishing charters are allowed to offer just about all of them. The main focus of a fishing charter is deep sea fishing and in some areas of the country the focus is primarily on crabbing.

If you like to fish, then hiring a fishing charter is great way to get on the big water to catch the big fish.

Below is a list of game fishing sports that can be chartered by a licensed fishing charter:

  • offshore fishing
  • deep sea fishing
  • spear fishing
  • game fishing
  • tag-and-release fishing
  • demersal (bottom) reef fishing
  • guided fishing
  • dive charters that also take fish

All in all, any other fishing activity in offshore waters whenever a fee for service is charged will require a licensed fishing charter.