It’s time to get out there and catch the big fish! Charter boat fishing is the absolute best way to hit the open ocean, or coastal waters, to catch all kinds of big sports fish. Maybe you don’t want to hit the open ocean, there are still plenty of fresh water charter boat fishing excursions you can take.

Fishing Boat Charter

Charter Boat Fishing Locations

There are lots of locations around the country to find fishing boat charters.Some of the more desirable locations to go charter boat fishing are on the coasts in states like New Jersey, Florida or California. This doesn’t mean you can’t go charter fishing inland. To the contrary, there are plenty of awesome locations inland that you can go charter boat fishing.

Deep Sea Charter Boat Fishing vs. Freshwater

The only difference in these two types of fishing excursions is that fishing boat charters on the coast primarily focus on taking larger groups of people, as their vessels can accommodate anywhere from 20-50 people, and that they focus on catching larger sport fish only found in saltwater like Marlin and Tuna.

Freshwater fishing boat charters usually specialize in smaller groups of people (5-8) and focus on larger freshwater sport fish like large mouth bass and musky.


Charter Boat Fishing Cost

The cost can be very different depending on the location. If you’re heading out for a freshwater charter boat fishing adventure, then your costs will most likely be much less expensive because of the cost of fuel, equipment, etc. Saltwater fishing on a charter boat can be a little more expensive, but not by much because your typically splitting the cost between more people than you are on a freshwater excursion.

The experience is fun either way and we encourage taking a trip sometime in the future if you get the opportunity to do so. You won’t regret it. As soon as you feel that big fish on your hook, the whole experience becomes worth it and the cost will not even be a factor.