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Simple Tips To Fishing Fresh Water

There are some distinct differences between fresh water fishing and deep sea fishing but the premise is the same, to catch fish! So, when your fishing in fresh waters, use these simple tips to get the edge on other anglers who may be a bit more inexperienced. These tips when used can increase your odds of landing bigger fish in fresh water.

When it comes to fishing for bass, you may want to consider fishing by rocks and shallow areas. Bass are commonly found in areas like bridges, rock quarries and places where they can hide. Areas off the beaten path where fallen branches and limbs have come to rest underwater are perfect spots for bass to hang out. Bass both large and small mouth will feed off of worms and minnows and even cut bait like brim. For the lure casters, a small road runner jig works great. On lures, when a bass or crappie hits it will feel like a sudden tug on the line, almost like something is yanking the line away from you.

Commonly this is bass or crappie strike. Using a lure can be exciting because you you are constantly casting and reeling and you never know when that strike will happen! Try a roadrunner jig and see how it goes. You may land a nice 3-4 pound bass. Just be ready when the fish hits!

Use a casting net to catch shad bait for catfish! When fishing for catfish, there are a number of products on the market designed to help you catch that monster. Shad paste can be used on worms or sponges and is best used when soaked overnight. You may also find schools of shad swimming around that are just begging to get caught. The cast net is the perfect way to catch a number of shad in one throw, saving you money on bait. Casting nets can be found at nearly every local fishing and tackle store and some big named retailers. Throwing a cast net is a art form and can take some practice to perfect but in no time you will be able to locate fresh water shad and throw like a pro! Remember, catfish love shad, so if your out for a big catfish, this small bait fish could be your lucky charm.

Fishing charters designed for fresh water anglers are located throughout the United States and ready to take you out on the best fresh water fishing trip you can imagine. Look no further than for all your fishing needs! The fish are out there, the only thing missing is you!

Charter Your Next Fresh Water Fishing Trip!

Fresh water fishing is a blast. When folks think of fresh water fishing what may come to mind is fishing off a quiet bank relishing in the joys of catching a small bluegill. Well, let’s get real about fresh water fishing! Did you know that some fishing spots in fresh water lakes can produce catfish the size of a person? That’s right. In some areas of the country, catfish over one hundred pounds have been caught and the world record of 143 pounds was landed at Kerr Lake, North Carolina. Lakes such as Kerr Lake have dams and catfish love to feed off the local shad. Shad are small fish that travel in schools. When caught they are used as fishing bait for catfish.

The story goes that at Kerr Lake, when the turbines of the dam are turned on, the shad in the lake near the dam are ripped to shreds. What transpires is a feeding frenzy for the catfish. This may be why catfish get so big at this lake.

So, while you may think taking a nice peaceful trip to the lake catching small bluegill sounds appealing, keep in mind fresh water fishing can be pretty exciting. Hooking up with a ten pound large mouth bass will not only give you the fight of your life, you may also find yourself the envy and talk of local fisherman.

Whether your fishing the deep seas of San Diego or the fresh water lakes in the south, using a fishing charter service makes a whole lot of sense. Fresh water charter fishing services are located throughout the country but may be difficult to find without some simple research. solves the problem of finding the best deep sea and fresh water fishing spots in the country. This easy to navigate professionally built online resource can help make your next fishing trip a complete success.

Find Your Fishing Charter Service With Ease!

You’ve got some big plans! You finally have decided to go for it and take a fishing trip. You’ve got everything ready and you’re geared up to hit the sea. But wait! What about that boat that’s been collecting dust? Is it ready to go or has it been a while since it’s hit the open ocean? Maybe it’s time to rethink and make this trip a bit easier.

If you live by the coast and plan on taking a fun fishing trip, it’s time to find a charter service that can make this trip a success. A fishing charter service is a simple and cost effective way to go fishing without the hassle of using your own boat. Hey we get it. Fishing is a great sport but we don’t always have time to do it. So, when it is time to go out, it’s may be easier to just think about fishing instead of getting the boat ready, hooking the trailer up and driving to your destination. This is where fishing charters can make your fishing trip much more enjoyable and memorable!

Fishing charters are located throughout the United States and you can find one at virtually any location throughout the country. Speaking of going virtual, Local Fish Charters online directory is your one stop shop to find virtually any fishing charter service throughout the country!

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So, there you have it! There’s no reason to not go fishing at your favorite destination. With hundreds of charter services available to check out, make your online resource for all things fishing!

Charter Boat Services, What's The Benefit?

If you have ever been out fishing on piers or banks, you may have seen fishing boats pulling out of the docks on their way out to sea. Maybe you have taken one out yourself or know someone who has. Either way, if you are considering taking a charter boat out, you may have a few questions. This blog will try to answer a few of them.

Charter fishing boats are boats that are usually owned by a company or individual designed to take people out on trips for fishing. Some of charter boats go out for just half a day and others full days. Both types of fishing trips have some cool benefits especially if you choose a charter service that has a stellar reputation.

Fishing charter services takes the hassle out of using a personal boat which requires towing to the lake or ocean, gas and maintenance. These deep sea fishing boats usually go out a few miles offshore where customers can fish for albacore, bonita, sea bass and more. What’s cool about charter boats is the crew or deckhands are trained to help clients not only bait up their lines but also clean fish and fillet them up. Your job as a customer is to just fish!


Additionally, a charter service deep sea fishing boat is safe to use. When it comes to fishing in deeper waters, the last thing you want to worry about is safety. The captains of charter fishing boats are trained to check weather statistics, navigate harbors and channels and know where the best fishing is. While on the fishing vessel, a galley is located on the boat where you can sleep or get something to eat. For the folks who may have a tendency to be prone to becoming seasick, the galley may become your best friend. Hopefully this isn’t the case but the galley is a great place to get your sea legs back.

These are just a few of the many benefits of taking a fishing charter boat out for your first or fiftieth fishing trip. For additional information on charter fishing services be sure to check out Local Fish Charters.


Deep sea fishing is an excellent way to relax and have fun on vacations, especially during summer time. You could head over to some fabulous fishing charters where you could catch mackerel, tuna and shark, amongst others. This really is an awesome expedition that can be done together with your family and friends.

Catching Mackerel

The majority of deep sea fishing charters is for catching mackerel. Go with a group and you can easily spend time together reeling in the big fish. If you’re lucky, you can find a vessel that allows you to keep your fish and take them home for the BBQ. The excitement of catching fresh fish right out of the oean and then preparing and eating them afterwards is definitely splendid.

Tuna and Shark Fishing

If you would like an even more demanding fishing trip, opt for much bigger sport fish. You could head to the fishing charters that cater to tuna and sharks.

Sharks and tuna normally go to coastal waters all through late summer until fall. For that reason, visit the charters for big fishes during those periods; you will surely have a rich catch. This grand adventure is a lot more demanding compared to catching mackerel so be prepared by going with a professional.

If you happen to catch a tuna, it’s definitely going to give you a good fight; therefore you will have to be ready for it. Don’t get scared, the captain will assist you to pull out the huge fish by running the boat against the pulling. The catch could take hours so you’ll want to make sure you have your strength.

Distinct from smaller fishes, it is actually more difficult to find tuna considering they are very good at hiding. They sometimes remain in the deep waters or even run opposite your path. You can find sport fishers who are excellent and highly skilled in tuna angling who will help you find these amazing fish.

Below are some amazing deep sea fishing destinations:

1- New Jersey
2- San Diego
3- Cape May
4- Gulf Shores
5- Destin Florida

There is very little doubt that deep sea fishing is absolutely a great adventure that you should absolutely try. You should discuss doing this with your family members, friends, colleagues, or any group you have, and arrange for a visit to a location that offers fishing charters. You will certainly love the serenity of the deep sea and savor the fun of catching the big game fish. The experience is absolutely incredible and you can brag about it to other people you know. Prepare for your sea fishing adventure right now; it’s an experience of a lifetime.

Fishing Charter Services, Get In The Know Before You Go!

Recreational Charter Fishing

Fishing is an amazing sport providing hours of entertainment and relaxation. While there are different types of fishing ranging from fresh water to deep sea charters, this is an always changing activity. A peaceful day on the water can turn in the blink of an eye when your fishing rod screams out after hooking up. When deep sea fishing, hooking a few hundred pound marlin can be considered nothing but spectacular. In fresh water, snagging a large bass or a 50-60 pound catfish can be breath taking. For the avid fisherman, this is a dream come true. Continue reading “Fishing Charter Services, Get In The Know Before You Go!” »